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At New Connections Of South King County, we offer driver’s license reinstall and educational and mentorship programs to the people of Kent. Our core principle is to ensure, to the best of our ability, that no one winds up overlooked or unhelped.

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Empowering justice involved youth and adults to restore families and heal communities. We offer resources that reduce violence, increase healthy communities, increase stability for individuals, and provide tools for healthier relationships.

“Together we can make a difference, one person at a time!”


Founder, New Connections South King County

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Community Stories

By Far the Most Beautiful Amazing and helpful lady Ms. Lana, I have ever come across in dealing with Tickets and Courts. Not only have Lana made the process so simple and easy, but have literally set me up to get my life back. I was in so much debt with owing traffic tickets and exhausted with dealing with the courts but because of Lana &  I am relieved and no longer have that weight or anxiety of trying to figure out how to get my Drivers License back. Thank You so much Lana. I Really and sincerely appreciate you. This Would have not been possible without the you lana. Thank You so Much.

— T.T.

WOW….., Amazing, Finally got my license back after Two Years of driving without one. Ms. Lana made the process easy and affordable… couldn’t have done it myself. So Thank You very much New Connections. Congratulations for 20+ Years of Excellent Service. 

— D.W.

I am highly thankful for the overall help and services that I received through the “New Connections” program. Within the small time frame I was able to find a full time job when I was unemployed and now I am finally able to join the rest of the driving community! I’m glad I no longer have to have a chip of fear on my shoulder. This program has definitely opened my eyes to a brighter horizon and allowed me to want to further my growth and development as a productive citizen, and capitalize on the second chance that they offered! Thank you to all staff and resources of “New Connections”!!!

— E.

Ms. Lana at New Connections was amazing…had lots of resources for work. I connected with a life coach and a mentor to get back into college…Thank You.

— J.U.

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